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Mandurah Studio Co-operative Ltd began life in October 1987 in the Cellar of the Park View Guest House. Originally opening only on week ends. However, as membership increased to nearly 40 members bigger premises were required.

The opportunity to sub lease the former refreshment room and bar. Lots of hard work by the members in the refreshment room saw the Studio open the first room in March 1989 with 33 members and opening seven days a week. Another six members joined in April 1989.

Over a number of years the Kitchen was opened and then the ‘Lamp Room’ and the front area became exhibition space when we were able to move the office area to its current position. There are now four rooms and the most recent addition is the Railway History Room. This room owes its existence to the hard work of Mavis and Brian Harris and Christina Tomlinson.

Over the years the original group have moved on or away and we have new members creating a very wide variety of work. Three of the six members who joined in April 1989 are still with the Studio. We strive to keep a high standard as we feel that is extremely important.

Art and Crafts Mudgee is located at the old Historic Railway Building.

It is open daily from 9am-4pm.

Groups and buses welcome. Bookings recommended but not essential.

For any enquiries please call 02 6372 2822