Christina Tomlinson’s home studio is nestled in the hills midway between historic Gulgong & Goolma at Two Mile Flat and her rural surroundings continuously inspire her to create inspirational & beautiful artworks. Christina uses brushes, traditional quills & ink to creatively capture the intricate detail of her favourite subjects- birds, animals & flowers.

Another of Christina’s loves is Vintage Scrapbooking “I love that I can preserve the past by using recycled pieces – old letters, vintage lace & photos, old buttons, picture etc”


Christina has been a member of Art & Crafts Mudgee for 3 years and she does a wonderful job co-ordinating the displays within our gallery. She is also “exhibition co-ordinator” with the Gulgong Arts Council.

Christina is more than happy to make custom orders so if you are interested pop in and say hello.