Kathryn has been a member of Mandurah Studio Co-operative Ltd Art and Crafts Mudgee since 1010.

She is a retired primary school teacher who now finds more time to indulge in the things she loves to do instead of encouraging the younger ones to learn the skills.

Kathryn has been some sort of artist all her life having an interest in drawing right from primary school age. She completed the HSC with a lervel 1 in art and has pursued the interest ever since participating in art schools at Charles Sturt University over the past ten years and many other events. She particularly has a regard for Vincent Van Gogh and likes to represent the world where objects are recognisable but are not photo real, using bright colours and line.

At the age of five her brother showed her how to knit. A task that her mother had tried to teach her but had failed miserably. From then on she started knitting clothes for her much loved doll. A few years later she taught herself to crochet from the instructions in a leaflet and she has not stopped since. One could possibly call it an affliction…the need to be knitting or crocheting at every available opportunity. Usual items in the gallery are socks, scarves and hats with the occasional shawl. She also makes patchwork cardigans or jackets that are incredibly knitted in one piece. The are fun to make, matching the colours and textures.