Rosalie Swords has lived in the Mudgee/Coolah region for 44 years and has been a member of Art & Crafts Mudgee for 15 years.

She was a visual arts teacher for most of her life and whilst ceramics has always been a passion, it wasn’t until she retired that she was able to devote time to her passion. Rosalie’s workshop is an old converted meat room on her farm; it has an electric kiln and potter’s wheel plus numerous raw materials to mix glazes.


All of Rosalie’s functional pieces are stone ware which make them very durable and both microwave and dishwasher safe. The sculptured pieces are mostly earthenware and the cubed animals have bright glazes which Rosalie mixes herself.

Like all our members Rosalie works at Art & Crafts Mudgee at least once a month. If you come in on a day she is working she would love to discuss ceramics with you.

“The National Art School in Sydney was the springboard for my interest in ceramics, the pleasure of being able to manipulate the clay to create objects that occupy space and that you can move around is what keeps me keen to continually explore this media.” Rosalie Swords

Art & Crafts Mudgee