Thelma Beechey has been a Mudgee girl since 1946 (and no, we won’t tell you how old she was when she moved here  ). In her youth she began an art course at East Sydney Tech but was unable to finish this after her father died and she had to return home to Mudgee.


So although she has painted all her life however it wasn’t until retirement that it became her main hobby. She has been a member of Art & Crafts Mudgee for the past 7 years.

Austin Roses

Thelma loves using watercolours “it can be so challenging and rewarding when it goes well, but as it is the hardest medium, it can also be frustrating!”

She has numerous paintings in our gallery of a large range of subjects including landscapes, flowers and portraits. If you love Thelma’s work and would like a painting of something particular please take a photo of it and come in and chat to her directly.

Thelma Beechey's Austin Roses

Thelma Beechey’s Austin Roses